Nam REN Spey Rods

Nam REN 5-piece spey rods are smooth, intuitive, and deceptively powerful.

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Nam REN spey rods are a family of five-piece two-handed fly rods built with state of the art REN graphite. Hence their namesake.

When you pick up REN spey rods the first thing you’ll notice is how unbelievably light they are. The action is slightly more delicate than their Original predecessors, however they are surprisingly powerful.

REN spey rods sport a timeless dark brown blank with a gloss finish and premium Delgado cork grip. A custom black full aluminum reel seat, titanium snake guides, and titanium stripping guides complete the fit and finish.

What sets Nam REN spey rods apart from others? Besides their compact five-piece construction, they’re smooth and intuitive. They’re easy to cast. Less time spent struggling with the cast means more time with the fly in the water. And the fly in the water is what catches fish.


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