CF Burkheimer 7134-4 Vintage Spey Rod

A year ’round two handed steelhead rod, the CF Burkheimer Vintage 13 foot 4 inch 7 weight can do it all without compromise.

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The 13 foot 4 inch 7 weight spey rod is the most popular two handed rod that custom rod designer and builder Kerry Burkheimer has ever produced. And for good reason. This rod can do. It. All. Not too heavy for summer steelhead, we reach for the 7134 when covering larger water with the prospect of decent sized and hot fish. It pairs equally well with shorter Scandi heads and longer lines such as the Beulah Aero Head. The 7134 really shines when casting sink tips to winter steelhead or larger summer fish. We like to cast Skagit heads in the 52o grain range on this rod, with just about any sink tip you prefer. It’s a sturdy 7 weight that handles heavy tips and flies, as well as heavy fish, like a heavier rod. In short, the 7134 is a highly versatile rod that you should never leave home without. The Vintage model comes with the following features:

Reel Seat: Smoked nickel with California Buckeye
Guides: Smoked Nanolite stripper and smoked snakes
Blank Color: Translucent Black
Winding Check: Nickel Silver
Cork Inlay: Five layer
Handle: Hand sorted x-select Flor grade cork


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