Rio InTouch Skagit Max GameChanger – Float / Hover / Intermediate

A triple density Skagit head that bites into the current and slows the speed of your swing down.

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Rio’s InTouch Skagit Max Gamechanger Float / Hover / Intermediate (F/H/I) is a triple density Skagit head designed for effortless casting with sink tips, large flies, and slow presentations.

It’s true that you can swim your fly deeper with a sinking Skagit head. But what the F/H/I is really about is slowing the swing down. The hover and intermediate portions of the head cut through the surface currents, which are often faster or less even than subsurface currents, allowing the fly to spend more time in the strike zone, even if only for an extra moment or two.

If you want you can put on a heavy sink tip and heavy fly and the F/H/I head will get down. But attach a light sink tip, such as 10 feet of T8 or any of the lighter iMOW tips and an unweighted fly and it is surprising how well this set up swings without hanging up, even in slow or shallower water. The F/H/I is arguably the most versatile head in the Skagit Max GameChanger lineup.

The head is built with an ultra low stretch core for enhanced bite detection and feeling when you are about to get snagged on the bottom or structure.

You’ll need a shooting/running line to fish the Skagit Max GameChanger heads, as well as a sink tip and a few feet of monofilament leader.

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