Rio InTouch Skagit MOW Tips – Light (T8)

Designed to be used in conjunction with Skagit spey shooting heads, Rio’s Light MOW Tips are varying configurations of floating line and T8 that give anglers unprecedented control over the depth of their swing.

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The Light MOW Tips by Rio are all ten feet in length, except for a 12.5 foot full T8, keeping the anchor point consistent regardless of how long the actual sinking portion of the tip is. This allows anglers to fine tune both the depth and angle of their presentation without changing the cast based on the length of the tip.

T8 is a very useful sink tip material when fishing low or slow water and slight to moderate depth is needed. Sometimes the rivers are low and clear, and when this happens nothing will substitute for a light and / or short sink tip. In addition to selecting the ideal sink tip for a fishing scenario, the length of the leader and weight of the fly can also be adjusted to really dial in the rig.

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