Zentai Leader and Tippet Material

A high density tri-layer leader and tippet material by Nam Products of Sweden.

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Zentai leader and tippet material redefines what anadromous fish anglers are seeking in a reliable connection between fly line and fly.

Zentai high density leader material obtains its incredible performance from a three-layer structure. The outer layer is a fluorocarbon skin that provides the abrasion resistance and prevents UV rays from crossing the line and causing it to age quickly. The mid-layer is responsible for ensuring a super soft, low memory, and high knot strength leader. The core is made of nano-technological nylon, which gives an extraordinary strength to the line.

The spool that Zentai leader and tippet material comes on is a massive upgrade from anything we’ve ever seen.  Zentai’s unique packaging is neat and tidy, with zero waste or mess. You must see it to believe it.

Zentai is made in Japan for Nam Products of Sweden.


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