TroutHunter Fluorocarbon Tippet

50 meters of strong, abrasion resistant, nearly invisible fluorocarbon tippet.

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TroutHunter fluorocarbon structure is designed to create strong, durable knots while providing remarkable breaking strength for its diameter. TroutHunter Fluorocarbon won the fly fishing industries “Dealers Choice Award” & won 1st Place at the “George Anderson’s 2012 Tippet Shoot Out” receiving the highest possible score in spool design, honesty in advertised strength, abrasion resistance, invisibility to fish, casting accuracy, and expert angler preference. Many features in TroutHunter’s tippet spool and packaging system are unique and specific to the innovation of TroutHunter.

  • UV protective packaging
  • Waterproof packaging
  • 50 meter spools
  • Half sizes – yep, that’s right!
  • Designed by fishermen


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