Scientific Anglers Freightliner Skagit Head

A short, powerful, easy casting Skagit head for spey casting with sink tips for steelhead.

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$55 $30
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SA’s Freightliner Skagit heads have quickly gained popularity around Bend Fly Shop, simply because they’re easy to cast. Their short powerful taper loads the rod quickly and turns over pretty much anything you’d want to cast for winter steelhead.

The Freightliner comes in a heron grey color. At first glance the line seemed like it would be hard to see. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Even though the Freightliner’s color is more subdued than other Skagit lines it is still highly visible when fishing. The rear foot and a half or so of the head turns from grey to black so you can see where your running line ends and your head begins easily in super low light.

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