Scientific Anglers Freightliner Intermediate Skagit Head

An easy casting full intermediate sinking Skagit head that excels when you want a deeper and/or slower presentation.

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Unlike most sinking Skagit heads on the market, the Scientific Anglers Freightliner Intermediate Skagit Head does not have a floating rear portion. The rear portion of the head sinks as well and cuts through squirrelly surface currents, digs in, and really slows down the speed of the swing. Because the rear part of the line sinks it makes mending a little more difficult after the first few seconds of the swing (when compared to multi-density Skagit heads), but because it resists the often pushy surface currents it reduces the need to mend.

The taper is identical to the full floating Freightliner Skagit head, which means it cases easily even when fishing heavy sink tips and big flies. Easy casting means more time fishing. The question with all sinking Skagit heads is, “will fishing deeper help me catch more fish?” and the answer is simple. Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. But if fishing deeper improves your confidence then, yes, it will help you find more fish.

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