Sage ESN Reel

A thoughtfully designed fly reel developed specifically for European-style nyphing.

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Sage brought in the geek-squad to design their ESN reel. The goal: create the most purpose-driven fly reel for European-style nymphing methods.  The result is a unique reel loaded with design features that will elevate your tight-line nymphing game.

The ESN is constructed with 6061 bar stock aluminum, cold forge tempered, CNC machined, and anodized for rigid durability and corrosion resistance.

A narrow ultra-large arbor has just enough capacity to hold backing and a competition-style nymphing line. This feature helps you put fish on the reel quickly. More importantly it protects light tippet by eliminating torque as fish take line.

The frame is fully enclosed and prevents thin diameter line and leader from slipping in between the spool and cage.

A stacked Sealed Carbon System (SCS) delivers reliably smooth resistance. Numbered settings allow you to dial in the drag to consistently match each fishing scenario.

Eropean style nymphing setups are all about balance. Sage’s ESN Reel comes with three interchangable accessory weights (.5 oz, 1 oz, and 1.5 oz) that fit inside the cage around the drag. Machined with an octagonal fitting, the weights can be situated in eight different directions inside the frame to dial the weight of the reel to balance any Euro-nymphing rod out there.

The Sage ESN is no ordinary reel and stands alone in it’s class.


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