Rio Medium iMOW Tips (T11)

Designed to be used in conjunction with  Skagit spey lines, Rio’s Medium iMOW Tips are 10 foot long tips in various configurations of intermediate line and T11 sink tip that offer anglers precise control over the angle and depth of their swung fly presentations.

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Rio’s Medium iMOW Tips come in varying lengths of T11 seamlessly welded into intermediate line, all of which are a total length of 10 feet to keep a consistent anchor point during spey casting. The difference between the iMOW tips and standard MOW tips is that the front portion of the iMOW tips is slow sinking intermediate line (rather than floating) that, in theory, reduces the “hinging” effect between the floating line and moderate sinking T11 tip and bridges the gap between a full sink tip and standard MOW tip.

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