Rio InTouch Skagit MOW Tips – Extra Heavy (T17)

Designed to be used in conjunction with Skagit spey shooting heads, Rio’s Extra Heavy MOW Tips are varying configurations of floating line and T17 that give anglers unprecedented control over the depth of their swing.

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$24.99 $14.99
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The Extra Heavy MOW Tips by Rio are all ten feet in length, except for a 12.5 foot full T17, keeping the anchor point consistent regardless of how long the actual sinking portion of the tip is. This allows anglers to fine tune both the depth and angle of their presentation without changing the cast based on the length of the tip.

T17 is the ideal sink tip for cutting through heavy flows. The longer 10 and 12.5 foot lengths keep your fly in the zone fishing gravel bars during high flows, or when fishing deeper in the trough following your buddy through a run. The shorter lengths of T17, paired with varied leader lengths and fly weights, provide dynamic sink angles when fishing structure, such as bedrock ledges and giant boulders, or small buckets when getting the fly down immediately is key.


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