Patagonia Foot Tractor Wading Boots, Aluminum Bars (Built by Danner)

Providing heavy-duty support and protection for the most demanding wading, the Foot Tractors are the most durable, highest-performing wading boots possible; built by Danner in the USA with full-grain leather and soles that combine Vibram® Idrogrip with Patagonia’s patented aluminum bars for sure grip on even the greasiest cobble.

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Before Patagonia could build the best wading boots ever made, they had to define the word “best.” After much collaboration with their designers, ambassadors and anglers from around the world, not to mention countless hours of in-the-water research, here’s what they came up with: The best wading boots need to be ultra-comfortable and supportive for long days in heavy water. They should grip subsurface terrain, muddy trails and the occasional cross-stream log. They must drain quickly and avoid holding excess water. And on top of being tough as nails, they need a lifetime measured in decades. Once Patagonia knew exactly what they wanted, the world-renowned Danner Boots came into the frame. Patagonia combined their fly-fishing experience with Danner’s legendary quality and craftsmanship to create a wading boot beyond all others—each one proudly made by hand (with imported parts) in Portland, Oregon. Their flexible, waterproof full-grain leather provides foot-conforming comfort, support and protection, while stitch-down construction creates a wide, stable base that’s easily resoled when the need arises. The adjustable lacing system has traditional eyelets across the forefoot and speed lacing through the ankle; the speed lacing provides easy tightening, supports the ankle when wading on uneven surfaces and helps lock the heel in place. For ultimate traction on anything but sheet ice or untextured slate or shale, strategically shaped aluminum bars bite through river slime with pit-bull grip, while the surrounding Vibram® Idrogrip sole conforms to rock texture for additional hold. They’re the best boots Patagonia has ever made, and likely the last ones you’ll ever need to buy.


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