Nam REN Fly Rods

Nam REN fly rods are premium medium-action all-purpose fishing tools that offer a surprising balance of power and finesse.

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Nam REN fly rods offer an almost unobtainable balance of power and finesse. A fly anglers dream.

The REN family of fly rods are built using a unique state of the art graphite blend, achieving an incredible tensile strength. The action of the REN rods is in the mid range. The rods load into the mid sections, making for a beautifully relaxed casting stroke. However, the REN rods deliver high line speeds when extra distance is needed or adverse conditions present themselves. They’re deceptively powerful.

Such high tensile strength has allowed Nam to equip the REN rods with an incredibly light and sensitive tip. REN rods are accurate, delicate, store energy from fish, and protect light tippet. Hallmark attributes of a great trout fishing tool.

Nam REN fly rods rods are adorned with a classic dark brown gloss finish, premium Delgado quality cork grip, and black aluminum reel seat with a maple wood inlay. Titanium snake and stripping guides add to the REN’s strength to weight ratio.

REN’s compact five-piece construction makes them highly packable and ideal for travel.


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