Nam Original 4 Piece Spey Rods

A family of graphene strengthened four-piece two handed fly rods, developed in Sweden by Nam Products.

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Nam Original 4 piece spey rods are designed and built prioritizing functionality and simplicity above all else – a hallmark of Scandinavian design heritage. Premium materials and components are the guts and backbone, and the matte finish and plain cork grip give these rods a sharp, clean, distinctively Euro look.

Sweden-based Nam Products has a pedigree in Atlantic Salmon, so it comes naturally that their Original Series 4 piece two-handed rods have found a welcome place in the quivers of West Coast steelheaders.

Nam Original 4 piece spey rods are lightweight, durable, attractive, and come in several models that we absolutely love. As we spend quality fishing time with each of these rods we’ll add them to our inventory and describe them in detail on this page.

Nam Original 7137-4

Sometimes it takes a bit of tinkering with different lines to make a rod really sing. The first line I cast with the 7137-4 was the Beulah Aero Head (510gr, 47ft). I love casting this line and was really hoping it would pair well the the Nam. Over the course of the 2022 summer and fall steelhead season I fished this setup on the Lower Deschutes, Bulkley, and Skeena Rivers… anytime I fished a full dry line on medium to larger water.

Nam describes this rod as best used for light presentation at long distance. Compared to a few other 13ft + 7 weights I had been fishing, the Nam 7137-4 felt long – lots of leverage – and light, but with a solid backbone. The rod exceeded my expectations. It became an addiction, and has displaced a few other similar sized rods from my quiver. Over the ’22 / ’23 winter season I fished a 525gr Skagit (RIO Skagit Max Gamechanger F/H/I) with 10ft of T-8 and T-11, and it works super nicely for that also.

  • Length 13’7″
  • AFTM #7
  • Parts 4-pcs
  • Rec. head wt from 27gram+ | 420grains+
  • Rod weight 183gram | 6.4oz
  • Rec. conditions Light presentation at long distance 
  • Blank Graphene strengthened 
  • Grip Delgado quality
  • Reelseat Triangular black custom full aluminum
  • Guides Titanium single leg with titanium stripper-guides
  • Detail Red mark for measure at 100cm | 40″

Nam Original 8124-4

Another standout rod in the Nam Original 4 piece family, the 12ft 4in 8wt. Most of my winter steelheading these days is on the coastal rivers of NW Oregon. Theses high gradient streambeds contain a mix of smaller pockets and pools, overgrown with maple, spruce, hemlock, and alder trees, and wider runs as the rivers ease out of the mountains and into the coastal floodplains.

The flies and sink tips are often large and heavy, and so are the fish that we pursue, so the ideal rod is usually an 8 wt in the 12 – 13 foot range for all but the most extreme situations.

Paired with the new Scientific Anglers Skagit Short head (540 grains), this rod is another intuitive stick that instantly makes you a better caster and angler. Whatever setup you were using, I’d bet a box of intruders that you would leave it at home after casting the Nam Original 8124-4.

  • Length 12‘4″
  • AFTM #8
  • Parts 4-pcs
  • Rec. head wt from 31gram+ | 480grains+
  • Rod weight 183gram | 6.4oz
  • Rec. conditions Mid size rivers
  • Blank Graphene strengthened 
  • Grip Delgado quality fullwells with fighting butt
  • Reelseat Triangular black custom full aluminum
  • Guides Titanium snake with titanium stripper-guides
  • Detail Red mark for measure at 100cm | 40″

Nam Products + Bend Fly Shop

Nam Products of Sweden is a newer brand, and brand new to the US market. Their philosophy is “We Don’t Know”. Don’t let this slogan discourage you, because the sharp and ambitious minds behind Nam, old Norse for “Learning”, are just that – eternal students of fly fishing who believe there are always ways to improve and do better. We find this open-minded approach to fly rod and product design highly refreshing and feel Nam is a great fit for our shop. And we believe you’ll fall in love with their rods.


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