LOC Waders: LOC 3-D Mesh Tech Waders

LOC 3-D Mesh Tech Waders are constructed using ultra-premium military grade fabrics and a patented 3-D mesh lining system, prioritizing toughness and durability above all else.

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  • Non-breathable military-grade outer fabric
  • Moisture-wicking & insulating 3-D mesh lining system
  • Kevlar reinforced knees and lower legs
  • Premium 3mm pre-compressed neoprene feet

Military Grade Outer Fabric

LOC Waders take a completely new approach to wader design by abandoning the conventional breathable membrane in favor of much more durable non-breathable outer fabric. LOC immediately identified the breathable membrane as the weakest part of the modern wader, and responsible for the most failure AKA leaking. The outer fabric used in LOC Waders is also used for military scuba diving dry suits, including safety-critical cave and wreck diving.

3-D Mesh Tech Lining System

Superior non-breathable outer fabric presented one distinct and obvious challenge – how to handle sweat and condensation. The solution is LOC’s patented 3-D Mesh Tech lining system.

The 3-D mesh wicks moisture away from your body and traps it between the mesh and outer fabric. Please note that LOC waders should be turned inside out after each day or use.

The mesh creates a small space in between your body and the outer fabric where air can move freely and provides a measure of insulation during colder temperatures.

The 3-D mesh is also compression resistant, so the liner performs even while under pressure from the current and offers a comfortable feel described by some as “an embrace”.

The 3-D Mesh Tech’s ability to function as designed is dependent completely on how you dress underneath your LOC waders. More on this below.

Kevlar Reinforced

The knees and lower legs of LOC Waders are reinforced with DuPont Kevlar for additional protection.

Ultra Premium Neoprene Feet

The feet of LOC Waders are built with a pre-compressed 3mm neoprene – the highest quality available. Slightly thinner than conventional wader booties, LOC booties sacrifice a small amount of insulation in favor of a more durable longer lasting product. Layers of merino wool socks should be adjusted according to conditions and individual preference.

Dressing underneath your LOC Waders

It’s very important you dress correctly in order to stay warm, dry, and comfortable in your LOC Waders. Merino wool is much better than cotton. Avoid cotton in all layers and socks if you want a positive experience. Layering may be different for each individual. Adjustments in layering may be needed for optimal comfort.

Upper layers – LOC recommends a thin layer of merino wool first. Then layer as needed.

Lower layers – Merino wool underwear (if any at all) underneath merino wool long john’s on your legs. More than this is simply not needed, even in colder temperatures, thanks to the insulating properties of the 3-D Mesh Technology.

Feet – Thin or thick merino wool socks, possibly two pair to suit your preference.

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