Frog Hair Ultimate Strike Indicators

A versatile, adjustable, highly effective strike indicator system.

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Frog Hair’s Ultimate Strike Indicators attach easily to your leader, don’t kink or leave behind residue, and float high. Each pack comes with three reusable strike indicators and 24 retainers. They come threaded on a thin wire loop. Simply thread your tippet through the end of the wire loop, slide on the first retainer, and set the retainer where you want your indicator to sit on your leader. Thread your leader through the wire loop a second time and slide on the strike indicator. Thread your tippet once more and slide on the second retainer, and you have a highly adjustable and versatile strike indicator rig. While not as quick to take on and off as other indicators, once rigged the Frog Hair’s Ultimate Strike Indicator is the best we’ve used for general nymphing. Extra retainers can be purchased separately.

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