A versatile Euro nymphing rod designed to cross over to traditional casting and dry fly fishing.

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A Euro Nymph rod for critical line feel & control

Euro Nymphing requires precision and sensitivity to hit the target and feel not only fish biting, but also current seams, the bottom, and anything else that will dictate where to present your fly.

Light, Fast, and Versatile

Strike detection is the make-or-break metric for any Euro Nymphing rod.  The Shadow II’s light weight and fast action tip allow you to feel the subtleties of not just strikes, but bottom contour, current speeds, and other critical variances that can effect your success.

For casual anglers and competition anglers alike

The Shadow II lives in that “Goldilocks zone” between our other Euro nymphing rods.  Blending enough sensitivity and overall performance with affordability to make it one of the most popular rods in our entire lineup.

Note: When matching any ECHO Euro Nymph rods to a non-Euro Nymph line, it is recommended sizing up one size for the line. Ex: For a 3wt rod, use a 4wt line.


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