Echo King Spey Rods

A sturdy two-handed rod capable of handling brawling Chinook Salmon.

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The ideal two-handed rod for wrestling with badass Chinook Salmon is one that is long enough to lift heavy sink tips and massive flies, but short enough to have a strong backbone so you can put the screws to a runaway 40lb fish. We’d like to introduce the Echo King rod, one of the only rods we’ve come across that was designed specifically with Chinook in mind.

Most spey rods on the market in the 9 and 10 weight class are just too long, in the 14 – 15 foot range. These rods can cast the junk but simply aren’t stout enough to handle Kings.

The Echo King rod comes in 9 and 10 weight models and the 13 foot length offers the ideal amount of leverage. The affordable price tag is sweet too, considering how Chinook tend to destroy equipment.


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