CF Burkheimer 7127-4 Classic Spey Rod

An all purpose year round two handed spey rod from the legendary CF Burkheimer.

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The Burkheimer 7127-4 is a 12 foot 7 inch 7 weight 4 piece spey rod and one heck of an all around two hander. Its a rod that certainly has that deep loading, fast recovering “Burkie feel”, but because of the modest length will generate high line speeds. We look at the 7127 as an ideal year ’round rod that is equally capable of summer and winter fishing, albeit a slight lean towards the summer fish. It’s very light in hand and tosses a 450 grain Scandi head like nobody’s business. We don’t leave home without it.

Reel Seat: T-6061 dark anodized aluminum
Guides: Chrome Nanolite stripper and hard chrome snakes
Blank Color: Deep Cedar Green
Winding Check: Nickel Silver
Cork Inlay: Three layer
Handle: Hand sorted select Flor grade cork


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