CF Burkheimer 6139-4 Vintage Spey Rod

The Burkheimer 13 foot 9 inch 6 weight is a long and light spey rod that excels at casting longer full floating lines on larger rivers for summer steelhead.

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The 13 foot 9 inch 6 weight is one of the newer rods in the Burkheimer two hander series. Upon its launch the rod received immediate acclaim from spey enthusiasts as a long and incredibly light summer steelhead rod. The 6139 can effortlessly cast full floating Scandi style shooting heads, but it really shines when paired with longer lines. Anglers seeking a long and light rod for full floating line fishing for summer steelhead on larger water should give the 6139 some serious thought.

Reel Seat: Smoked nickel with California Buckeye
Guides: Smoked Nanolite stripper and smoked snakes
Blank Color: Translucent Black
Winding Check: Nickel Silver
Cork Inlay: Five layer
Handle: Hand sorted x-select Flor grade cork


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