Beulah Platinum 13ft 8in 8wt Spey Rod

A long and lean 8 weight spey rod that excels when distance and line control matter.

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The longest rod in Beulah’s Platinum series, the 13 foot 8 inch 8 weight is very light in hand for it’s size, with a medium to full flex that feels almost too light to be an 8 weight, but certainly more substantial than a 7 weight. Ideal for bombing long casts over broad gravel bars, the 13 foot 8 inch 8 weight is a solid choice for winter steelheading in the Pacific Northwest, and is also a popular rod for hucking monster casts with longer full floating lines to summer steelhead on the Snake or Clearwater Rivers, and all purpose fishing for steelhead on the Skeena system. When casting distance and line control matter, the Platinum 13 foot 8 inch 8 weight has a lot to offer.

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