Beulah Platinum 11ft 7in 5wt Spey Rod

A sweetheart of a lightweight two hander, the Beulah Platinum 11 foot 7 inch 5 weight spey rod is a great choice for swinging flies to decent sized trout or smaller steelhead.

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Beulah’s 11 foot 7 inch 5 weight Platinum is a spey rod designed for medium to larger sized trout, as well as modest sized steelhead. The 11 foot 7 inch 5 weight takes the work out of casting sink tips and good sized streamers, and trout as small as 14 inches will put a good bend in the rod. Popular with spey junkies who live in trout country, this rod excels on medium to larger sized rivers with predatory browns and rainbows.

We’ve tested the 11 foot 7 inch 5 weight as a steelhead rod on the Lower Deschutes River in Oregon and feel that it is quite competent against steelhead in the 3 to 8 pound range. We haven’t hooked anything larger than that, and fear that the rod doesn’t have the backbone to effectively tame larger fish. That said, if you’re searching for a two hander for smaller sized steelhead, such as those that run in the Trinity, Klamath, Rogue, or upper portions of the Lower Deschutes (where you’ll encounter lots of resident rainbows in addition to mostly one salt hatchery steelhead), then the 11 foot 7 inch 5 weight is an ideal choice. We load it with a 19 foot 350 grain skagit head and typically cast 9 feet of T10 and a Sculpzilla type streamer.

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