Beulah Platinum 10ft 8in 7wt Switch Rod

The Beulah Platinum 10 foot 8 inch 7 weight switch rod is light in hand and performs like a longer rod.

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The Beulah 10 foot 8 inch 7 weight Platinum switch rod our quintessential summer steelhead switch fly rod. This fly rods deceptive lightness will have you thinking you are fishing a 9 foot 5 weight until you load it up and fire a 80 foot laser cast across the river with ease. The Beulah 10 foot 8 inch 7 weight Platinum switch rod’s flex pattern drastically departs from the Platinum 5 and 6 weight switch rods taking on a much deeper loading (slightly regressed) characteristic making this essentially a bit more of a short spey rod with excellent nymphing and overhead casting ability. This rod shines as a summer steelhead rod and has a fast recovery making it formidable for inshore and estuary saltwater fishing.

The Platinum 7 weight switch rod is going to compliment a relaxed and compact casting stroke where less is definitely more. It is unbelievable how good this switch rod can be with a matched Scandi or Skagit shooting head to cover all down and across presentations from dry lines to sink tips with weighted leeches. The Platinum switch 7 weight has a slightly elongated fore and aft grips to balance out the longer 10 foot 8 inch length.

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