Beulah Opal Single Hand Fly Rods

Premium fast-action fly rods designed and built for demanding saltwater fly fishing.

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Beulah set out to make the best saltwater fly rod possible and spared nothing to do it. The result is the Opal fly rod, the next step in performance, strength, and sensitivity. Advances in graphite technology have allowed Beulah to create lighter, smoother and more durable fly rods. The Beulah Opal fly rods are constructed for long bumpy boat rides, large aggressive fish and the toughest fishing environment you will encounter. A fast and responsive taper will help achieve quick, long, and accurate casts. With this increased strength and exceptional tracking comes the confidence to do battle with the fish these rods were designed to fish for. All Opal rods come with American Tackle Titanium Guides, IM8 Silica Nano Matrix (SNM) resin, AAAA cork and custom anodized reel seat with indexed locking ring. The Beulah Opal 10, 11, and 12wt rods comes with the Beulah Fly Rods Forcegrip.

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