Beulah Onyx 12ft 9in 7wt Spey Rod

Beulah’s 12′ 9″ 7wt Onyx is a versatile, powerful, and incredibly durable spey rod that is ideal for year ’round steelheading.

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Built with Silica Nano Matrix resin and IM8 graphite, Beulah’s 12′ 9″ 7wt Onyx spey rod is light in hand, deceptively powerful, and noticeably more durable than most other graphite rods on the market.

When it comes to choosing the right line this rod has a fairly wide grain window. With a 520gr Skagit head this rod can throw just about any sink tip you want. We’ve used it to cast tips up to 10′ of T17. Not too light for full floating lines and summer steelhead, however, a 450gr Scandi head casts beautifully on this rod, and moderately longer lines such as Beulah’s 47′ 510gr Aero Head turn the 12′ 9″ 7wt Onyx into a full on rocket launcher.

If you had just one rod to fish for steelhead in the PNW, the Beulah 12′ 9″ 7wt Onyx deserves serious consideration.

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