Beulah Guide Series II 10ft 7wt Fly Rod

Beulah’s Guide Series II 10 foot 7 weight can roll cast, spey cast, and over head cast with ease, making it an excellent choice for all purpose big water fishing.

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Fly Rod Weight: 7 wt
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When I think 10 foot seven weight I immediately thing of two things: single hand steelhead and boat fishing with streamers

Beulah’s Guide Series II 10 foot 7 weight is ideal for roll casting and spey casting as well as mending on larger water, making it a highly versatile single handed steelhead rod.

Anglers casting large streamers from a boat for any species will appreciate the extra length of the 10 foot 7 weight as it keeps the line and fly a little higher in the air and further away from people and boat dogs.

Beulah’s Guide Series II fly rods offer high performance and style at a very reasonable price (just under $300). The high modulus graphite blanks are built with a carbon scrim process resulting in a rod that is slim profile and light in hand. The Guide Series II are also incredibly good looking and maintain Beulah’s reputation for designing quality, high performance, and aesthetically pleasing fly rods.

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