Beulah G2 Platinum Trout Spey Rods

Ultra-light graphene two-handed trout rods.

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Swinging flies for trout is a blast. The process is fun and the takes are savage.

Beulah’s G2 Platinum Trout Spey Rods feature state of the art graphene impregnated resins for an incredibly light weight and enhanced durability.

Depending on your location and the water you fish, trout spey tactics range from floating tips and small soft hackles to sink tips and weighted sculpins. These rods can do it all.

The 3 weight is ideal for dry line or light sink tips and smaller sized streamers. It’s sporty with 12 to 18 inch trout, and can handle larger fish in the event the angler finds themself a 20+ inch critter.

The 4 weight is a favorite among streamer anglers who target meat eating trout but still want some play form a modest sized fish. Think All-purpose.

The 5 weight is a dynamic rod that accels tossing larger streamers or fishing windy conditions. It can cross over nicely to other species as well, such as smallmouth bass or even small steelhead. We don’t condone the use of 5 weight spey rods for general steelheading, but certain fisheries such as the Klamath, Trinity, or even Grand Ronde are appropriate for the 12 foot 5 weight.

All G2 Platinum rods are adorned with AAAA cork and burl inlays, wood burl inserts on reel seats, solid titanium stripper guides, and Snake brand snake guides.


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