Beulah G2 Platinum Fly Rods

State-of-the-art single handed fly rods from Beulah. As beautiful to cast and fish as they are to look at.

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Using cutting edge composite engineering, Beulah has utilized graphene impregnated resins to build a series of single handed fly rods that are lightweight, sensitive, responsive, and incredibly durable.

The G2 Platinum series offer an ideal balanced action. They flex enough to provide a great feel, allowing the angler to access lower portions of the rod. They are fast enough to generate high line speeds and castin the wind.

Typical of Beulah, the aesthetics of the G2 Platinum rods are just plain stunning.

All in all these are some of the sweetest fly rods we have seen to date at any price point. For $550 they provide a damn good value.


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