Beulah Elixir Scandi Head

A compact Scandinavian style shooting head for spey casting and swinging flies on or near the surface.

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Beulah’s Elixir is a Scandi style shooting head designed for easy spey casting with a full floating line or modest sink tips.

The Elixir is built with a mass of weight in the rear of the head and a gradual continuous taper towards the front. The Elixir generates high line speed and holds stable loops even at distances up to 100′.

Engineered with durable loops and laser engraved identification, the Beulah Elixir is an excellent choice for a high performance Scandi head.

The 375 grain Elixir is 31 feet long and casts very well with most 6 weight spey rods.

To compliment the Elixir Scandi head we recommend monofilament leaders or poly leaders that are about 1.5 times the rod length including tippet.

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